Top 5 Shrubs to Use for Screening Purposes

1. Elaeagnus

terrible name, great plant!  The silver-green leaf color gives you great contrast in your landscape.  Highly drought tolerant once established and can handle almost any soil conditions.  They grow quickly to a 8’x8’ and taller and thrive in full sun or part sun.  They are DEER RESISTANT too!!

2. Southern Wax Myrtle

Olive-green aromatic foliage makes this plant stand out along with the bluish berries produced by the female plants. The standard size will reach 15 feet tall while the dwarf species reaches 6-8 feet tall.  It is drought tolerant once established and grows well in both moist and dry soil conditions.  Plant in full sun or part shade.  They are DEER RESISTANT too!!

Wax Myrtle
3. Pineapple Guava

Beautiful, exotic red and white flowers bloom on this large shrub in the spring, followed by guava fruit in the fall. The leaves are light green, leathery with soft gray undersides.  It will grow to about 15’ – 20’ tall in full sun or partial sun.  Deer do not seem to bother these plants.

Pineapple Guava
3. Nellie R Stevens Holly

Very attractive holly with dark green, leathery foliage. Dense branching makes it an excellent hedge screen.  It produces large, bright orange-red berries in late Fall.  Fast growing tree/shrub reaching heights of 15’- 25’.  Grows well in sun or partial sun in both dry and moist soil conditions.

5. Leyland Cypress

A fast-growing coniferous evergreen tree – up to 3’ of growth per year. Has a natural Christmas tree shape but can be grown close together and trimmed as hedges.  Prefers full sun for best performance.  This tree can reach 50+ feet if left untrimmed.

Leyland Cypress

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