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Bulk Products

All Bulk Products are sold by the 1/2 yard (one tractor scoop)

All Bulk Products can be loaded onto a truck or trailer

We no longer offer delivery of bulk products.


Available in bags too!

Fill DirtEnriched Top SoilPeat ReplacerCompost
Clean, sandy fill dirt, also known as ‘Standard’ Top SoilMix of compost and acidic sandy loam for establishing new lawns and general maintenance. A blend of aged pine bark and compost. Renovate existing beds or build new ones. A blend of composted cotton burrs and in-vessel compost for flower beds and gardens. (WARNING: HOT. Will burn plants if used alone/straight.) Mix into soil with no more than a 50/50 mix.


Available in bags too!

Cedar MulchHardwood MulchBlack Mulch
An aromatic cedar mulch. Hardwood mulch is produced primarily from oaks. Mats down and will not wash away. Black-dyed hardwood mulch- mats down and will not wash away.


1/2 Yard of rock weighs between 1,200 to 1,450 lbs

Pea Gravel1″ – 1 1/2″1 1/2″ – 3″4″ (or larger)

Bulk Products FAQ

1/2 Yard (one tractor scoop) will cover:

54 square feet = 3″ deep

81 square feet = 2″ deep

162 square feet = 1″ deep

Making a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden?

Here’s the mix we recommend:

1 part Compost

1/2 part Peat Replacer

1/2 part Peat Moss

**Once soil is placed, cast Vermiculite out and mix in

Not needing a full scoop of rock?

A full Nursery Bucket of ANY Rock is $10.00

Ask an associate for more information