All Bulk Products are sold by the 1/2 yard


All Bulk Products can be loaded onto a truck or trailer


Delivery of bulk products available through Longhorn Lawn and Sprinkler, (903) 424-5200.





Peat Replacer
Enriched Top Soil
Fill Dirt
  • Peat Replacer
  • $26/ half yard
  • Complete soil renovator — enhances soil aeration. Provides essential soil nutrients and enhances soil absorbency.


    1-part Medium-aged pine bark mulch

    1-part Vital Earth Composted Peat Replacer

  • Enriched Top Soil
  • $27/ half yard
  • Features manufactured soil, consistent ingredients, well-drained, weed-free soil. Resists compaction to maintain percolation and aeration. Rich in organic matter providing natural fertility.


    3-parts Horticultural Sand (a naturally occuring loamy sand from Big Sandy, TX)

    7-parts Vital Earth Composted Peat Replacer

  • Fill Dirt
  • $14/ half yard
  • Clean, sandy fill dirt, also known as ‘Standard’ Top soil.

Garden Mix
  • Compost**
  • $26/ half yard
  • 100% All-natural Ingredients — Mechanically composted in a large, rotary tumbler. Homogenized and pasteurized at over 140℉. Non-burning, nutrient rich, organic plant food.


    Hardwood sawdust

    Poultry litter

    Grain by-products

    Horticultural Trace Elements

    **(WARNING: HOT. Will burn plants if used alone/straight.) Mix into soil with no more than a 50/50 mix.

  • Garden Mix
  • $59/ half yard
  • Designed for raised bed vegetable gardens and flower beds.


    Aged Pine Bark

    Premium Grade Compost

    Canadian Peat Moss

    Rice Hulls

    Horticultural sand

    Earth Safe Organic Fertilizer

    Dolomitic Lime

    Wetting agent

    Vitazyme Biostimulant


Hardwood Mulch
Black Mulch
Cedar Mulch
  • Hardwood Mulch
  • $17/ half yard
  • Has the appearance of cypress mulch — will not float or wash out. Mats down and blocks out weeds, and darkens with age.


    Hardwood primarily from East Texas oak

  • Black Mulch
  • $26/ half yard
  • Black-dyed hardwood mulch — mats down and will not wash away.


    Hardwood Primarily from East Texas oak

  • Cedar Mulch
  • $29/ half yard
  • An aromatic cedar mulch.


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  • Pea Gravel
  • $50/ half yard
  • Size #1

  • 1/2" - 1"
  • $50/ half yard
  • Size #2

  • 1 1/2" - 3"
  • $50/ half yard
  • Size #3

  • 6" - 12"
  • $94/ half yard
  • Size #4


1/2 Yard (one tractor scoop) will cover:

54 square feet = 3″ deep

81 square feet = 2″ deep

162 square feet = 1″ deep

Not needing a full scoop of rock?

A full Nursery Bucket of ANY Rock is $10.00

Ask an associate for more information