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Is Your Grass Looking Not-So-Green?

Your lawn, like all plants, needs an abundant supply of essential nutrients for proper growth and reproduction. Not enough of a single nutrient can lead to many issues, even in good soil. Iron is an essential micronutrient, which means that your lawn needs it for optimal growth but uses it in mostly small quantities. Ironite supplies iron in a form that is readily available to plants.

The Importance of Iron

Plants need iron only in small amounts. Without this tiny amount of available iron, plants cannot properly create chlorophyll. This results in poor growth because chlorophyll plays an important role in photosynthesis. Chlorophyll also gives plants their green color, and the primary symptom of iron deficiency are leaves that are yellow between their veins.

Apply When the Need is Greatest

Increasing air temperatures and lengthening days promote rapid growth for grass, but certain seasons can decrease the amount of nutrients available to plants.

The amount of available iron in your soil might not be adequate for the high nutrient requirements that come with plant growth, so NOW is a good time to apply Ironite. Supplemental iron, even soluble forms like Ironite, can become fixed into unavailable forms in soil with high pH. If your soil is alkaline, use the liquid form of Ironite so that the grass can absorb some iron through its leaves.

The Proper Amount

An average lawn needs about 1.5 tablespoons of iron per 1,000 square feet if it shows a serious iron deficiency. Do not exceed 3 tablespoons per 1,000 square feet, as this amount can lead to a black-green discoloration of your lawn.

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