Why You Should Use a Pre-Emergent

Is it always weed season in Texas?  Seems to be the case.  Actually, we have 2 main weed types – cool season weeds and warm season weeds.  What’s growing now are the cool season weeds and as they begin to disappear the warm season weeds will take their place – so yes, it is always weed season in Texas!



The best place to start is to understand what you’re up against.  Weeds throw off thousand of seeds per plant, think about that – thousands per plant, multiplied by how many plants?  Not all of them live and sprout into a weed, otherwise the world would literally be overrun by weeds.


One method of weed control is by using a pre-emergent in your lawn and flower beds.  This chemical option stops weed seeds from germinating and becoming a weed.  Spread the pre-emergent granules onto your lawn and in your flower beds before the seeds begin to germinate.  The granules are broken down by water so watering the area after applying allows the herbicide to be drawn down to the seed level.


When do I apply a pre-emergent?  In early spring (mid-February/March) to prevent warm season weeds and in the fall (Oct) to prevent cool season weeds.  It is so much easier spreading these granules than pulling weeds!



Neil Sperry suggests using a pre-emergent with Dimension as the active ingredient.   Bring us your lawn and bed dimensions (pardon the pun) and we’ll calculate how much you need.



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