Whiteflies: They’re Everywhere!

White flies seem to be everywhere at the moment – you can see them floating through the air like tiny snow flakes and also on your plant leaves. We’ve received emails, texts and phone calls from many of you asking what they are and how do I get rid of them.

Whiteflies on leaf

White flies are bugs and they feed on the plant sap of the leaves of your plants. They are very small 1/16 -1/10 of an inch and have white wings and seem to float through the air.

Females lay eggs on the underside of the plant leaf and once hatched they crawl to a spot on the leaf and immediately begin eating. They pierce the leaf with their mouth-parts and severe infestations can cause leaves to yellow or fall off. The large amount of sticky honeydew they excrete attracts black sooty mold which covers the entire leaf making the plant quite unattractive.

The method of control can depend upon the severity of the infestation. Insecticidal Soap, a Systemic Insect Spray, or an All Season Horticulture Oil (NEEM) are effective in controlling these nasty pests.

Whiteflies on leaf

I’m including pictures of one of the most extreme white fly infestations on a hibiscus I’ve encountered. It is best to start treatment well before the plant reaches this stage.

Looking for answers to your specific plant questions? If so, send questions to Ask Danny at 903-339-0922 or email@thgc.net.

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