What’s the Deal with Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigating.

While sprinkler systems are around 65-75% efficient, drip systems typically are 90% or higher. What that means is much less wasted water!  It is easy to install, easy to design, can be very inexpensive, and can reduce disease problems.


Drip irrigation works by applying water slowly, directly to the soil. The high efficiency of drip irrigation results from two primary factors. The first is that the water soaks into the soil before it can evaporate or run off. The second is that the water is only applied where it is needed, (at the plant’s roots) rather than sprayed everywhere.


If you have access to a water faucet then you can install a drip irrigation system in your flower beds, garden, planters, and containers.  By adding a timer you can schedule when and for how long the system will run.


The basic idea is to run ½” tubing through your landscape beds and attach ¼” tubing to it which will deliver water to each plant. The amount of water per plant is determined by the size of the emitter (1/2, 1 or 2 gallon).  You can also use spray stakes, bubblers, drip-a-long tubing, etc. in your design.


It is easy to add emitters to your system as you add new plants to your landscape or increase emitter sizes as a plant grows larger.


Components used in drip irrigation (listed in order from water source) include:dripguide1


  • Pump or pressurized water source


  • Water filter(s) or filtration systems


  • Backwash controller (Backflow prevention device)


  • Pressure Control Valve (pressure regulator)


  • Distribution lines (main larger diameter pipe, maybe secondary smaller, pipe fittings)


  • Hand-operated, electronic, or hydraulic control valves and safety valves


  • Smaller diameter polyethylene tube


  • Poly fittings and accessories (to make connections)


  • Emitting devices at plants (emitter or dripper, micro spray head, inline dripper or inline drip tube)


Ready to get started on your own drip irrigation system? We have all the parts you need at THGC today! Give us a call for more information or come in-store and see for yourself!


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