What’s Mulch Got To Do With It?

Want to save $$ and water your flower beds less – maybe even 50% less?


Proper use of “nature’s moisturizer” – that’s what some call it, can make that big of a difference.  I’m talking about mulch – and that’s only one of the advantages of its use.mulch before and after


What is mulch?  It is any type of material that is spread over the surface of the soil.  Shredded wood, pine straw, shredded leaves, pecan hulls, gravel to name a few.


  • It is used to retain the moisture in the soil and to cut down on evaporation when spread at 3” deep.


  • Shielding plants’ roots from temperature extremes is also another benefit. Mulch provides protection from heat in the summer and cold in the winter.


  • By blocking out light to the soil it also discourages the growth of weeds.


  • It can add color and texture to the space between plants, giving a flower bed a finished look.


mulch 2The most asked question is, “How much mulch do I need for my bed?”


  1. Find the total square footage of the area: length X width = square footage.


  2. One cubic foot will cover 4 sq. ft. 3” deep.


  3. Ex: your bed measures 10 x 5 = 50 sq. ft.  50 divided by 4 = 12.5 cubic feet to cover the bed 3” deep.


  4. (Or you can call us and we can calculate it for you)


A word of caution, don’t mound mulch up on the trunk of trees or plants.  This will keep the trunks too moist and the plant will develop problems.


Shredded bark mulch can be purchased in bags or more economically by bulk loads.


Your mulch will decompose over time, so check to make sure you have good even coverage at the proper depth.  You can add an additional inch to thin existing mulch and gain another year of protection.


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