Water Those Thirsty Plants!




We continue to receive multiple calls and requests for “what’s wrong with my plant” and it is clearly a lack of water. Not only has it been hot, but we aren’t getting enough rain. The ground surrounding your plant is dryer than normal and will wick away much of the water you are giving your plant. It is necessary to increase the amount of water you are giving your plants – enough for them to be adequately watered after the surrounding soil has taken their share of the water.

You must water newly planted shrubs and trees daily, and sometimes more than once per day when it is hot and dry. Annuals, hanging baskets and perennials usually require water 1-2 times per day during this time also.

Use a moisture meter to make sure your plants are receiving the correct amount of water or get your hands dirty and dig in to determine moisture amounts. The key is to catch dry plants quickly so you can remedy the situation before it is too late.

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