Want More Tropical Blooms?

We all love our tropical blooming plants and can’t get enough of their colorful blooms.

Tropical Blooms

To help sustain as many blooms as possible your plant needs to be fed.  I prefer using a water soluble food on annuals.  It gives them an instant “pick me up”.  

Water soluble fertilizer is mixed with water and can be applied to the foliage or when watering the soil.    

Benefits are many (science lesson):

It is easily applied through either a watering can or a small sprayer attached to your water hose.

• Nutrient content is consistent in each drop of water. Granular fertilizer is made up of a mixture of components and some granules will have more of one component and less of another.

• Plant roots will sometimes avoid granular fertilizer and grow away from the granule.

• The nutrients are better absorbed through a soil water solution than granules.

Remember the N-P-K numbers of fertilizer.  Look for one that the P is the largest number – this will promote blooming.

We suggest using BR61 (9-58-8) or Schultz Bloom Plus (10-54-10) to keep your tropical and other flowering plants at peak bloom performance.  

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