Tips & Tricks For Rebloom Azaleas

Reblooming azaleas (Encore, Bloom-a-Thon or Rebloom) that bloom 3-4 times per year, are one of the most versatile flowering shrubs available.  They are one of the 3 top flowering shrubs we sell every year at the nursery. (Top 3:  Knock Out Rose, Drift Rose, Reblooming Azalea)

rebloom azaleas

The dwarf varieties mature at 1.5 feet to 3 feet tall and the intermediate varieties grow to 4 to 5 feet tall.  New colors have been added over the past few years along with bicolored flowers.  Colors consist of bright reds, orange, various shades of pinks, white, lilac, violet and two-tone pink/white and peach/white.

Blooming multiple times during the year helps bring color to your landscape more than standard azaleas do.  With the variety in size and color it is easy to find one to fit into your landscape and compliment other blooming plants.

Follow these easy tips to keep these beautiful bloomers looking good throughout the year:

1. Don’t plant too deeply – dig your hole 2” shallower than the root ball.  You don’t want the plant to settle and be in a bowl that will hold water.  Some suggest leaving 2 inches of the root-ball above ground level and then cover with mulch.

2. Plant in well-drained soil – azaleas do not want to be in soil that does not drain well.  They prefer soil that will dry out between watering.  Yellowing leaves is a sign that your plant is getting too much water.

3. They bloom best with at least 6 hours of sun per day, but are not as lush and will not bloom as much if planted in full shade.  (Bright dappled light is OK)

4Don’t prune at the wrong time and remove buds that will soon be blooming.  The best time to prune is immediately after blooming in the spring.

5. Fertilize after the first spring bloom with a fertilizer specifically for acid loving plants.  Don’t use a lawn fertilizer since it has too much nitrogen (1st number listed) and this will cause the plant to grow leaves instead of flowers.

6. Water more frequently when newly planted, especially in warmer weather. They are heavier drinkers than some plants and require regular watering throughout the summer.

7. Mulch around the base of the plant to help cool off the roots and retain moisture in the soil after watering.

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