The Benefits of Bird Baths

Do you enjoy watching birds in your yard?




Here’s something you might not know.  You can attract other species of birds that won’t visit your feeder for seeds but will come for a steady source of water.


Install a bird bath and maintain it properly and you will see a marked increase in the species of birds visiting your yard.  Here’s some tips on birdbaths that will help you attract the most birds.


  1. Most birdbaths are too deep. Birds don’t like more than 2” of water.  If your bird bath is too deep, add flat stones to help turn it into a shallower bird bath.


  2. Place the birdbath where you will be able to watch the birds. Also, keep in mind that it needs to be cleaned, so make sure it is easily accessible for this task.


  3. Birds need cover close to the bird bath – but not too close to hide predators. They need to be able to fly to safety quickly if threatened.


  4. Place a wooden branch close to the birdbath, but not over the bath. This branch will be used to perch on when coming and going and for preening after their bath.


  5. Birds enjoy cool water, so it is important that the birdbath is in the shade. The sun can quickly warm the shallow water too much to attract birds in the warmer months.


  6. Keep your birdbath clean. More birds will frequent a clean birdbath that a dirty, algae filled one.  If you rinse it out with the hose every other day it will help prevent algae buildup.  Use a brush or scrubber sponge to give it a good cleaning once a week.


Combine a birdbath with feeders and you will see an increase in the number and species of birds.  Add a birdbath, maintain it well and enjoy the antics of your feathered friends.

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