Pruning Tools

We are nearing one of the best times of the year to prune many shrubs and trees.  This task can be much easier when using the correct pruning tool for the job.



Lopper – this is a 2 handed tool and is used for medium sized branches, those that are too large for a hand pruner to cut.



Pruner – a one-handed tool for smaller branches, usually ½ inch or less.




Bypass pruner or lopper – This tool has 2 blades that pass by each other. This tool slices all the way through what you are cutting making a clean cut that heals quickly.  This is the preferred type of tool to use on live stems or branches.



Anvil lopper or pruner – has one sharp blade and one flat surface that acts like a blacksmith’s anvil.  The sharp blade comes down and crushes what you are cutting on the anvil.  This blade should be used on dead wood only and not live stems / limbs since it will crush the soft, living tissue causing the plant to take longer to heal from pruning.




Ratcheting Pruner – These make quick and easy work of pruning thicker branches.  The ratcheting mechanism magically moves through different settings as you cut through thick branches.  A must have if you are pruning larger shrubs with thicker branches.


Pruning Saw – can be used for wood that is too large for loppers or ratcheting pruners.  The curved blade makes it easier for our body to pull the blade when sawing above your head or below your waist.


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