Pre-Emergent: Stop Weeds Before They Sprout!

Is it too late to apply a pre-emergent to my lawn and flower beds?60400.png


No, this is the perfect time to broadcast pre-emergent granules on your lawn and flower beds to help prevent warm season weeds from germinating and growing this summer. Remember to do so again in the Fall to help prevent cool season weeds. Your lawn will be so much healthier when it isn’t competing for nutrients and water with ugly weeds.


Neil Sperry suggests using a pre-emergent with Dimension as the active ingredient. There are several products that include Dimension and we’ve found one that works in both lawns and flower beds which has a higher concentration than many on the market – thus saving you money. Bring us your lawn and bed dimensions (pardon the pun) and we’ll calculate how much you need.


A Pre-Emergent lawn care product eliminates weeds at the earliest stage of growth — before you even see them. Several key factors are important to consider if you want to use this type of weed killer effectively.


Here in East Texas, because our weather is all over the place, it is recommended to put it down every 3 to 4 months.


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