Plant In The Right Light

A photo of colorful flowers in sunlight

We’ve had several calls from people who are questioning why their plants seem to be doing so poorly in the heat.  They are watering them but they continue to decline and show no improvement. After asking questions or looking at pictures of the plants we discover that the plants require shade but were planted in the sun.

Another frequent question is why doesn’t my plant bloom.  Many times its due to it not being planted in a sunny enough area for it to flower well.

Not all plants will thrive in full sun nor do all plants grow well in the shade.  Unfortunately, not all plants have proper growing instructions on their tags either.  We try to group them according to shade or sun, but sometimes it overlaps and can be confusing.

Researching plants on the internet can also result in faulty information unless you make sure to look for articles specific to our region. A safe bet is to read articles published by southern universities – Texas A&M, LSU, etc. to find out what plants grow well here versus cooler climates.

People moving into Texas from other states discover some of their favorite plants may not be suited for our area.  They will find new favorites to take their place and usually things they’ve never been able to grow before.

We are happy to answer questions about existing plants you have or help you choose new ones.

Find more info about light exposure in our other blog on Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade and Full Shade.

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