Our Favorite Xeriscape Plants!


Some xeriscape plants in stock:

Agave Splendida – Mature size of 1 foot tall by 1-2 feet wide makes this ideal for containers or in ground planting. Grows in sun or shade and is hardy to -10 degrees. Striking greenish-yellow center stripe is on both the upper and lower leaf.

'Splendida' Agave

‘Splendida’ Agave


Whale’s Tongue Agave – Mature size is 3-5’ tall and 6-8’wide. Does not send up pups, has distinctively cupped leaves. Grows in full sun and is hardy to -10 degrees. Grayish-green color.

Whales Tongue Agave

Whales Tongue Agave


Agave parryi truncate (Artichoke Agave) – Mature size is 2 feet tall by 2-3 feet wide. One of the most ornamental agaves with light blue-gray leaves and artichoke shape. Grows in full sun or partial shade and is hardy to 10 degrees.

Agave 'Parryii'

Agave ‘Parryii’


Golden Barrel Cactus – Also called mother-in-law’s chair. Slow growing to 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Bright yellow flowers bloom on top of the barrel in spring-summer. Grows in full sun and is hardy to 14 degrees.

'Golden Barrel' Echinocactus

‘Golden Barrel’ Echinocactus


Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus – Mature size of 4 feet by 6 feet. Spineless means no thorns and it blooms large, bright yellow flowers that attract hummingbirds. Then it grows an edible bright red fruit. Grows in full sun and is hardy to 0 degrees.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus


Yucca Variegata Spanish Dagger – Eventually it will overall reach 4-6 feet tall and the head will be 4-6 feet wide, but it grows very slowly. It does not die after flowering and is a highlight in the garden. It is evergreen and hardy in our zone.
Yucca Variegated 'Spanish Dagger'

And that brings me to Mangave, which is in a class of its own. These Agave hybrids grow faster than agaves and offer more interesting foliage colors and shapes.

Mangave started as a few odd plants that were an accidental cross between some agave and Manfreda plants that were in joining fields which were found in the 90s. They sat in a green house for several years forgotten until the greenhouse cover came off in a storm. After being exposed to ultraviolet light they turned into all these unbelievable colors and the right person noticed. After years of further hybridizing by Hans Hansen, he has created a sensational “new” plant for us to enjoy.
Mangave 'Falling Water'

Falling Water
'Lavender Lady' Mangave

Lavender Lady
'Mission to Mars' Mangave

Mission to Mars
Mangave 'Silver Fox'

Silver Fox

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