Mums: Enjoy Them For Years Instead of Weeks

Garden Mum

A Mum blooms for 3-4 weeks and then begins to fade.   Most people toss Mums away after they finish blooming – STOP!  Here’s how to get more bang for your buck and enjoy Mums longer than a few weeks in the Fall.



After it is through blooming look at the base of the plant near the soil and you should see small new stems growing.  Those stems will be next years main stalks.



Find a good sunny spot to plant the Mum in your garden. Cut back the plant close to the ground after it is finished flowering.  The part of the plant above ground will die over the winter but the root ball will be very much alive.



Look for new growth in early spring and watch for the plant to begin to set flower buds.  Most Garden Mums will flower both in Spring and Fall.  After their spring bloom trim the spent blooms off the plant, usually in May or June.  This will give them time to continue to grow and set new buds that will bloom in the Fall.



Now you can enjoy Mums for years instead of just a few weeks each Fall.


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