MORE Hardy Succulents for East Texas

Keep it easy and low-maintenance with hardy succulents, in an array of vibrant hues. Some succulents don’t like it when its chilly, these five succulents couldn’t care less, making them perfect for container arrangements, rock gardens, or as a groundcover year-round.


Sedums have become one of the most popular hardy plants in our area. What’s not to like? They are easy to grow; their thick, succulent leaves make them drought tolerant and they grow in full sun to light shade. Tall, upright sedums form clumps of foliage with massive flower heads which develop in summer and bloom in the fall and then provide food for the birds during the winter.


Sempervivum are succulent, rosette forming plants belonging to the Crassulaceae family. They are commonly known as Hens & Chicks, and are called this because of the high number of offspring they produce — thus, a Hen and all her Chicks! The main attraction of these plants is their colorful rosettes of leaves. The rosettes are most striking in the spring and summer but even in the winter when growth stops, many varieties remain attractively colored.


Stonecrop Sedums come in a huge variety of hues and textures, making it an easy choice for year-round interest in your landscape or containers. ‘Angelina’ Stonecrop Sedum features unique, succulent-like leaves in a bright, gold hue with hints of a coral color throughout. Drought tolerant and grows happily in full sun to partial shade.


The variegated version of ‘Lime Zinger’ Sedum, ‘Lime Twister’ is an attractive, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance sedum with blue-green leaves edged with soft yellow. It grows quickly- forming a full mat, making it perfect as a small-scale groundcover or filler for a container planting. Give this sedum a place to grow in full sun, and it will show off its unique colors year round.


While ‘Red Carpet’ Sedum doesn’t flower, the foliage is so colorful and vivid you won’t even notice. The succulent-like rosettes turn a more vibrant reddish-mahogany as cooler fall temperatures arrive. Super low-maintenance and extremely drought-tolerant — a favorite for rock gardens.

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