Meet The ‘Silver Dollar’ Eucalyptus!

‘Silver Dollar’ Eucalyptus get’s its name from the stiff, rounded leaves resembling silvery coins.  The 1” diameter leaves grow opposite each other on the stem for a unique look.  The branches are long lasting and the aromatic leaves makes this a favorite for floral arrangements, centerpieces or hanging in your shower.

It will grow in zone 8-10 outside, but doesn’t like prolonged cold temperatures.  I planted one in 1998 and it reached 20 feet in height until it’s demise during Snowmageddon.  Pruning will keep it manageable, and I wish I had done this.  You can also grow it in a pot and move it inside during cold weather.  Fertilize it in the spring with a slow release fertilizer and it will reward you with wonderful, aromatic leaves year round.

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