Meet The ‘Pink Princess’ Philodendron

This pink-variegated beauty, also known as the Blushing Philodendron, is one of the several varieties of highly sought after houseplants among houseplant parents. It’s highly prized for its blush-pink variegation which appears when this plant is taken care of properly.

How to Keep Your Pink Princess Happy
– Keep your plant in moist, but well drained soil and keep in a place with bright, indirect light (without enough light, the leaves will lose their pink!)
– Requires plenty of humidity in its environment (follow tips from our blog post)
– Always allow the top-half of the soil to dry out before you water again — don’t let your philodendron sit in water-logged soil, they’re susceptible to root rot.
– Unsure if your Pink Princess needs water? Wait a day instead – it’s much easier to over-water this houseplant than to under-water it.

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