Meet The ‘Petite’ Knock Out® Rose

This unique rose is a Petite version of our favorite red Knock Out® Rose.  It blooms almost non-stop from April through the first hard freeze. Both the flowers and size of the shrub are miniature.   Beautifully shaped, 1 1/2-inch dwarf rose blooms that hold their fire engine red color from bud through several days of blooming cover this compact shrub.  The overall size of the shrub is 18 inches by 18 inches and is stunning when planted in a medium sized container by itself or planted as a group in a flower bed.

It’s the perfect size for smaller spaces and is a great gift for Mom or any rose lover.  Place it in a sunny location where it will get 5-6 hours of sun daily and it will continue to bloom happily through the summer.

Dead heading (removing spent flowers) isn’t necessary for it to continue to bloom but does keep the plant tidier looking.  They are self- cleaning and the older flowers will fall off naturally if left alone.

When you water your roses, water at the base of the plant and try not to sprinkle the roses or foliage.  This will help keep the plant healthier and the blooms will last longer.

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