Meet The ‘Baby Blue’ Eucalyptus!

Meet the ‘Baby Blue’ Eucalyptus!
This is the most popular Eucalyptus in the floral trade known for its ornamental foliage.

New growth is a soft violet color changing to an intense silvery blue as it matures.  The round, 1 inch oval leaves have a strong, fresh menthol Eucalyptus aroma.

This is a smaller, dwarf, multi-branched species.  It is very prunable and can be kept as a bushy shrub.  Creamy-white flower clusters appear in the fall and spring.

It prefers well-draining soil, is drought tolerant and performs well in containers or in the ground in a protected area.  It is hardy in zones 8 – 11.  Protect it from cold, drying winds.  It prefers full sun.

Use cuttings as filler in fresh arrangements, hang them from the back of your shower head (the steam releases the essential oils) or dry them for potpourri.

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