Landscape Elements

landscape elements

A good landscape design is comprised of several components – hardscape, greenscape, functionality and aesthetics.

• Hardscape is edging, retaining walls, walkways, drainage, water features and irrigation.

• Greenscape is the plants used in the design.

• Functionality – does it work, does it make sense.  Form must follow function or the landscape will fail.  (You can’t force water to go uphill)

• Aesthetics – does it please you?  Do you like the way it looks?

Each is equally important and by working together create a successful landscape that lasts for years.

We specialize in the greenscape component – whether you do it yourself or with the help of a landscaper.  Choosing plants that will perform well within your landscape over years and match your individual likes is important.

There are always choices to be made, green plants aren’t just one color of green.  Use of varying shades, textures, shapes and sizes of plants combined with bloom color creates the aesthetic you desire.

Most landscapes are comprised of basic design elements that compliment each other and when combined together create a cohesive landscape.  Anchors, layers, triangles, color blocking, framing, borders are a few.  We will discuss what these are in more detail and what type of plants are used in each over the next few newsletters.

Anchors will be our first – we’ll explain what they are and how they complement your home.  I’ll give you several options of plants that work well in Northeast Texas as anchors for both sunny or shady areas so you can choose which is best for you.

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