Landscape Elements: Utilizing Fences

Fences. Most yards have them and they tend to be rather boring. Instead of looking out your window at a plain fence, transform it into a focal point. How? By using some of these simple to elaborate planting ideas.

Do you have a long fence – like 30+ feet? If so, break up the fence by planting small groups of complimentary plants or ornamental trees on the fence leaving a space of several feet between the plant groupings or plant a larger group in the center making it the focal point.

Plant the fence corners. Use the same ideas when planting beds on a house. Choose a taller center plant and layer plants around it, create special gardens like a stand-alone bed in your yard (perennial cottage garden, pollinator bed, etc.)

Have a tree close to the fence? Create a seating area under the shade of the tree.

Plant vertically up the fence. Use trellises, pole, arches or other items plants can grow up. You can use these as a stand-alone feature or with other plants.

• Attach wire/cable to your fence and train vining plants to grow in a pattern.

Attach trough planters or hanging baskets on the fence – spread them out or create a grouping to add color to the area.

Hang yard art on the fence – there’s so many items to choose from. Use them singly or make a grouping.

Create an outdoor room in the corner of your fence.

Create a landscape bed along the entire length of the fence. Choose which elements of landscaping you’d like to use in these beds. You can keep it simple or plant an elaborate bed.

Place a collection of planted pots that can be changed out seasonally – easier to create than a landscape bed, but just as beautiful.

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