Landscape Design Basics 2.0

A new year brings new plans for weight loss, being a nicer person, saying goodbye to 2020!!! It also is a good time to begin planning or planting a new landscape or adding to an existing one.

You may be a pro at determining what plant to place where, but in case you’re not – or need inspiration – this will get the creative juices flowing.

One question I hear most often is “how do I choose what to plant in the landscape beds around my house?” Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones? Where do I start? Here’s some easy to follow tips that all landscape designers use.

  • Plant shrubs that stay short in front of windows, porches, decks, and entryways so you don’t block the view.

  • Plant larger (taller) shrubs in front of areas without windows

These small and larger shrubs become your “foundation” plants that will be in your landscape for many years to come. As these plants mature you will see differences in the height of the plants which gives variety to your landscape.

You then can plant smaller perennials and annuals in front of the foundation plants. This will add depth to the bed along with colorful flowers.

  • Perennials bloom at different times of the year and most die back in the winter but reappear in spring and bring you blooms for years to come.

  • Annuals also bloom at different times of the year but usually do not last more than 1 growing season.

I suggest using a combination of perennials and annuals in your bed. The perennials since they come back year after year and the annuals for the “wow” factor their blooms bring to the bed.

You can follow these tips whether your flower bed is shady or sunny. Other things to consider are choosing plants that are not all green – mix it up with plants that have purple, yellow or variegated leaves. Use of different shaped plants (fat, thin, wispy) will also add to the beauty and interest of the landscape.

Follow these basic guidelines and your landscape will look like a professional designed it.

Want more help? Use our assistance with a free Plant-by-Number design if you wish to have help with your specific needs. We design – you plant (or contract that part out). All we ask is that you buy the plants from us. For more information visit our website at and click on Plant By Number on our homepage.

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