It’s Time To Start Listening To Your Plants


All plants talk to you when they need more or less water. You just need to understand the language they speak.

    Signs your plants need more water:


1. The color of the foliage changes from green to a grayish tone.

2. Leaves that are normally upright are drooping and pointing down.

3. The plant looks and feels limp.

4. The stems of the plant do not seem sturdy – they are angled out from the plant and leaning instead of pointing upwards.

5. Leaves are curled with the edges crispy or brown

Here’s the tricky part. Plants can appear thirsty when they are being over watered or in a poor draining area. It is up to you to determine if this is the case.

    Signs your plants need less water:


1. Wet soil before watering and the plant is wilted looking

2. Leaves turning yellow. Check the soil for moisture.

3. Leaves turning brown. Check the soil for moisture.

4. Both new and old leaves will fall off the plant at the same time.

5. Flowers become moldy.

It’s easy for us to look at the dirt at the top of the plant and tell if it is wet or dry, but it is more difficult to tell how much moisture is present deeper in the root zone area. You can determine this by sticking your finger into the soil to see how wet or dry the deeper soil is.

Learn to speak plant and your plants will thank you by putting on new growth and blooms.

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