It’s Time To Plant Snapdragons

Sonnet Snapdragons

It’s time to plant Snapdragons. These colorful flowers give you twice the bloom for your buck since they bloom in the fall and then again in the spring. Snaps grow to various heights depending upon the variety you choose.

Sonnet Snapdragons (pictured above) mature to 18 -24 inches tall and are available in yellow, white, red, orange-scarlet, rose and burgundy.

Candy Top Snapdragons (pictured here) are a dwarf variety only reaching 8-12 inches tall. They also come in a variety of colors.

The name “snapdragon” originated from squeezing the flower’s throat which causes the mouth of the flower to snap open like a dragon’s mouth. You can see silly videos of people demonstrating this on YouTube by searching “snapdragons snapping”.

These upright growing flowers are a great addition to your landscape or containers. Plant them in full to partial sun, in well-draining soil and enjoy their blooms through 2 seasons.

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