Is It Safe To Plant In Cold Weather?

Here’s something we get asked A LOT “is it safe to plant in cold weather?” The answer is yes! That’s one of the good things about living in East Texas. We can plant throughout the winter months since the ground doesn’t freeze like it does in more northern states.

It needs to be under freezing for multiple days to cause the ground to freeze.   We dip into freezing temperatures for short periods of time only so our ground stays warmer than the air temperature.

Planting in cooler weather when most plants are dormant is beneficial to the plant.  The plant can focus all its energy on growing new roots since no new leaves or stems will grow until warmer weather arrives.

Plants get a head start when planted in the fall or winter and are ready to start growing when spring arrives.  Planting shrubs and trees in winter is not only safe for the plant but better.

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