Indian Hawthorns Are Alive & Well!

Good news! Most of the Indian Hawthorns in our area are quickly growing back from the root ball. What does this mean? It means your plant is sending out new growth from the root area. These shoots are growing quickly and will soon show the shape of a new shrub.

To help them grow freely you should cut and remove the dead, brown skeleton of the old plant. There are probably some branches at the very bottom of the original shrub that stayed green (pic #1). These were insulated by the 10+ inches of snow. Anything above this area should be cut away since it will not be coming back.

You will be surprised at how quickly these plants will grow. Picture 2 & 3 is an example of a shrub growing back in the center. The closeup (#3) shows how the center is growing but is being hampered by the old, dead shrub.

If left alone, the new growth will eventually cover the dead carcass. The dead parts will eventually decompose and drop into the center of the plant. This could promote fungus and other problems, so removing the dead portion is best.

If you have questions about your plants contact us via email or text.

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