Hydrangeas: The Colorful, Bloom-Filled, Shade-Loving Shrub

Not many flowering plants can light up a shady spot like a Hydrangea, with their many colors and bloom types they are one of the most popular of flowering plants.  They are often chosen as gifts for their showy blooms and ease of care.

Hydrangeas are beautiful plants that have evolved from the big ball-shaped flowers to lacecap flowers consisting of clusters of tiny blooms accented by larger blooms and even large cone-shaped panicle flowers.  The colors range from white, pink, blue, purple, lime green and multicolor and even blooms that change colors as the flower matures.

These beauties require shade and can handle some morning sun.  They like a well-draining soil that is kept moist but not soggy.  Mulching will help moisture retention and cool the soil in the summer heat.  They will bloom throughout the season giving you a lot of showy blooms.  An added bonus is that they easily make great dried flowers.

IMPORTANT:  Hydrangeas are deciduous and lose their leaves during winter.  Use caution when pruning them – if not done correctly it can result in fewer or no flowers the next year.  See our hydrangea pruning guide on our website or click here.

If you have a shady spot in your landscape add a hydrangea and enjoy their many blooms.  No shade in the yard – then plant one of the smaller varieties developed for containers in your favorite pot and place it on a shaded patio or porch. These lovely plants are wonderful additions to your landscape or patio and will be enjoyed for years to come.

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