Hummingbird Migration 2019


Hummingbird with a Lantana Flower


Every year they arrive in areas all over the Lone Star State. Hummingbirds, on their way from their wintertime stay in Mexico to breeding grounds across the United States, pass through Texas every spring and then return south in the fall. Texas offers a chance to spot more than a dozen hummingbird species, you just have to know when and where to look!

Most hummingbirds arrive in Texas between mid-March and early May, and these spring months offer great opportunities to spot hummingbirds across the state! Many hummingbirds stay in Texas to nest during summer, while others continue to areas farther north. The southward migration that takes place in August to September offers some of the best opportunities to see these birds as they return to their winter homes in great numbers. Only a handful of hummingbirds stay in Texas year-round, but an occasional winter sighting is possible.

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are the most commonly-seen in Texas. This species, along with the black-chinned hummingbird, nests in Texas before returning to Mexico. A handful of Rufous hummingbirds have been known to overwinter in parts of Texas along the Gulf Coast. A few other species, including Anna’s, buff-bellied, calliope and Costa’s hummingbirds are also seen sporadically in Texas.

Ready to see some of these beautiful, humming beauties in your yard this year? Hang a hummingbird feeder on your porch or on a nearby tree and fill with sugar water or hummingbird syrup – remember to empty out the old solution and replace with new, as leaving old liquid in their feeder can make them sick! Don’t have a feeder? Don’t worry! We have plenty here at The Home & Garden Center. Come get yours today and get humming!

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