Hot Weather Calls For More H2O

After so much cool weather accompanied by so much rain your plants were in for a shock with the abrupt rise in temperatures and no rain. You may have seen some changes – drooping leaves or plants, loss of leaves, dulling leaf color or worse.

Most of us had our sprinkler systems off and had not been watering much if any at all. It doesn’t take long for saturated soil to dry out when its windy and hot. Now’s the time, if you haven’t already, to check your plants / lawn and probably adjust the amount and frequency of water to their needs.

Your lawn needs between 1 – 1.5 inches of rain per week, and more when the temps are extreme. Keep this in mind when determining supplemental water needs.

Newly planted shrubs and trees will require more water their first year after planting. A sprinkler system alone rarely delivers enough water for new plants – getting out the water hose is usually necessary.

Outdoor potted plants need water either daily or every other day depending upon their variety and if they are in the shade or sun. In extreme heat some may need watering twice daily.

Your plants will tell you when they need water – look for these signs,

  • Wilting leaves

  • The green color of the leaves on annuals changing to a grayer, duller color.

  • The tops of the stems drooping and turning downwards.

  • Dry, crunchy leaves

  • Dry leaf tips

As summer continues to heat up, you will need to watch your plants and lawn for signs and make adjustments to your sprinkler system or watering habits to keep them healthy.

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