Haworthia limifolia


Want an easy houseplant to grow? Choose Haworthia. Similar in looks to a mini Aloe plant, there are over 150 named varieties of these succulents. They are slow growing and stay small so they are great for planting in small cute pots.

Place them in indirect light, no direct sun or deep shade. Water about once per week or less when the soil is completely dry, try to wet only the soil to prevent rotting the center of the plant. Keep them above 40 degrees.

They will produce “pups” and these can be removed with a sharp knife and planted elsewhere or shared with friends. Haworthia also produce flowers in Summer, sending up a long single flower spike (up to 18” tall) from the center of the plant. The blooms will last from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the variety.

Best of all, the plant does not die after blooming like Bromeliads so you can continue to enjoy your Haworthia for years to come.

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