Having Redbud Tree Problems?




Redbud trees are a favorite choice of homeowners when planting a small, ornamental tree. Their popularity continues to increase through new varieties being developed with improvements in hardiness, heat tolerance and leaf color. Even the new varieties can begin to look a bit “tough” by the time August rolls around.

If your red bud’s leaves begin to look damaged or their color is fading this time of year that is to be expected. Rising Sun Redbud leaves can be bruised by high winds in storms and the leaves will change colors in these bruised areas.

Leaves do signal problems the tree may be experiencing so it is smart to check the tree to make sure it is healthy. Here’s how to determine if your Redbud is healthy or not:

• Is the soil around the root ball moist? This indicates that the tree is receiving adequate water.

• Is the soil dry, hard or powdery around the base of the tree? This indicates that the tree is not being watered enough. DO NOT expect a sprinkler system to adequately water newly planted trees – they require supplemental water until they have been in their new “home” for about a year, sometimes longer.

• Are all of the leaves on the tree drooping? This is usually caused by lack of water, but can also be caused by overwatering too. Yes, that is confusing and requires determining which it is.

• Are there brittle twigs or branches on the tree? Some is to be expected, but not a large amount and this indicates the tree needs attention.

• Is there evidence of insects eating leaves or boring into the trunk?

• Is there any damage to the tree at the base of the trunk or anywhere else? Weed eaters and mowers can easily damage a tree and allow disease and insects to attack.

If you find a potential problem and need assistance, we can help you determine the solution. Take pictures of the tree and text them to us at 903—- (insert the text # here) and we will be in touch. Here’s the different shots to send us of the tree.

• Overall picture of the tree

• Close up of the leaves.

• Picture of the trunk where it meets the soil.

• If there are scars or cuts at the base of the trunk where a weed eater or mower has been damaging the tree send a picture of that.

The health of all your trees and shrubs can be checked by using the guidelines above.

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