Grab and Go: Containers Straight Out of a Magazine

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The Home and Garden Center in Longview has started a brand-new program that was inspired by YOU and it’s called Grab and Go Containers.


Designing your own pot of high-quality, magazine-worthy plants can be a difficult task if you’re not the super creative type, or if you don’t know what plants work best together for a specific season.


So that’s what the Grab and Go Containers are for.


‘Grab and Go’ containers are pre-planted containers that come in various sizes and price ranges, enabling you to simply browse their selections, grab it and go. Or, if you’re feeling inspired, you can use the containers to place into your favorite container and enjoy a quick and easy finished look.


The plants in each container have been hand selected by experts to grow well together and look amazing all season long.


They give you instant, professionally designed containers just like the ones out of your favorite magazine, but without all the work.


The Home and Garden Center has divided the year into 6 seasons and each season will have a new combination of plants that will be included in their Grab and Go containers.


  • Early Spring: Begins in March


  • Late Spring: Mid-April through May


  • Early Summer: May through June


  • Late Summer: July through August


  • Fall:  September through October


  • Winter: November through  December


You can learn more about the grab and go seasons and their combination of plants here.

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