Glufosinate – An Alternative To Glyphosate

Many of us have killed weeds with products containing glyphosate for years.  Some weed species have become resistant to glyphosate and there is conflicting information concerning the safety of the product.   I’m not here to debate the safety issue only to introduce you to an alternative to glyphosate if that interests you.

Glufosinate is not new, it appeared in 1975 for agricultural use as a broad-spectrum herbicide.  Since then, several companies have developed products using glufosinate for weed control for landscape and homeowner use.

It kills by inhibiting an enzyme within the plant that results in a high salt build up that kills the weed.  Best of all, it is classified as practically non-toxic to adult honeybees.

We are stocking KleenUp HE manufactured by Bonide with glufosinate as it’s active ingredient.  It starts working on contact, is rain fast in hours and kills to the roots so the weed doesn’t come back.

There are many options available for weed control to choose from and you can now add Glufosinate to that list.

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