Get To Know ZZ Plants

I want to introduce you to the beautiful Zamioculcas zamiifolia more commonly known as the ZZ Plant.  Dutch nursery owners in South Africa found it growing wild and they cultivated it and began distribution around the world in 1996. There are many varieties of ZZ plants available, and we currently have the Lucky Classic ZZ plant in stock.

The ZZ is best known for its wide green glossy leaves that grow in an upright direction making it a stand-out in the plant world with its unique look. They are slow growing, reaching up to about 3-feet tall at maturity, so they won’t require frequent repotting. They are perfect for both the novice house plant grower and the expert house plant lover.

Let’s talk about its care. ZZ plants are one of THE easiest indoor plants to care for – they don’t require frequent watering – being from South Africa makes them drought tolerant.  Make sure to plant your ZZ in well-draining soil, (cactus soil is a good choice) in a pot with good drainage and DON’T overwater it.  Hint:  Get a moisture meter to help tell you when it is thirsty.

They love moderate indirect light but do well in less light also.  You can move them outdoors during the spring, summer and early fall, just make sure they are not in direct sunlight.

If you have cats or dogs that are curious (or notorious for chewing on your plants), I recommend keeping it out of your sweet fur friends reach as this can cause irritation if ingested.

Thinking about getting a ZZ plant? Here are a few tips to make your plant happy! Choose a container one to two inches larger than its nursery pot and make sure it has drainage holes – if not drill some in the bottom of the pot. The key is to ensure all excess water will drain out so your plant does not sit in standing water and develop root rot. If you use a plant saucer, make sure to empty excess water out of the saucer after watering.

Now let us talk about the benefits of the ZZ plant. It not only brightens up any space with it’s striking leaves, but has air purifying capabilities also, making this plant even more desirable. Many also consider this plant lucky, as their evergreen, upturned, succulent foliage is said to represent wealth, steadiness, and growth.

Come grow with us, and get your very own ZZ plant today!

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