Get To Know Katie Ruellia

Katie Ruellia is another one of my favorite perennials. This girl is 6-8 inches tall by 1 – 2 feet wide and blooms non-stop from spring through fall. Cute, purple flowers (available in pink or white also) pop up each morning and are replaced by new flowers daily. Katie’s shape is a spreading mound of dark green leaves that are a perfect backdrop to show off her flowers.

Also known as a dwarf Mexican Petunia, this pollinator-friendly plant thrives in full or part sun. Being a heat-loving perennial and disease and insect resistant (and cute) makes her one of my go-to plants. Great for borders, mass plantings, groupings, containers – just about anywhere is a good place for her!

Don’t confuse Katie with her taller cousin ‘Purple Showers’ Ruellia that will spread in your beds. Katie is neat and tidy and stays put where planted.

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