Disappearing Fountains
Watercolor Succulents





they offer relaxing sounds, a pleasant view for the eyes, and are a unique feature for any landscape. While they may look difficult to create, they are actually easier to put together than you think!

It is called a disappearing fountain because the water disappears into the rocks below, which disguises a basin below that holds the water and the pump. It’s a simple project to install, although it will take some time and some heavy lifting. It’s a great workout if your back can handle it.

If you want the glory but not the grunt work, have someone dig out the hole for you—then you can set up the fountain! Get someone to help with the rocks if they are too heavy, or work on them in stages.

To install your disappearing fountain, you only need a few materials and a can-do attitude!







Materials (all available at THGC)

– Piece of Pottery of your choosing

– Basin (which comes with a grate as well – size of your choosing)

– Pump (you’ll need the appropriate GPH depending on pottery size)

– Fountain Container Kit (if the items are purchased at THGC we will install this for you!)

– Stones or Landscape Glass (to cover basin)

Preparing to Install a Disappearing Fountain

– Measure the space for the basin. For example, if your basin is 45” x 45” x 14” deep, you’ll make the hole 48”x 48” x 15 inches deep.

– Dig the hole for the basin. If the space is under mature trees, be mindful of the roots. Place the hole as far away from the tree as you can, and even then, be careful with the roots.

– Tamp down the soil where the basin will go. You’ll want the hold to be level in all directions.

Install the Disappearing Fountain

Now you are ready to add the basin to the hole and backfill the areas around it with soil to hold it in place.

Now is the time to install the Fountain Container Kit. If you purchase your materials from THGC we will do this step for you!

– Take your desired piece of pottery for the fountain and drill a hole into the bottom to install your container kit tubing – you’ll then install fountain kit as per the instructions. Again, if the materials are purchased at THGC we will do this step for you.

– Place the pump inside the basin and Attach the pump kit to the fountain pump as per the manufacturer’s directions.

Testing and Adjusting the Fountain

– Test the fountain by filling the basin with water so that the pump is totally submerged.

– Plug the pump into an electrical outlet. Ensure the outlet is reachable without an extension cord, if not install an outlet closer to the fountain or have an electrician do it for you.

– Adjust the flow valves for each hose so that the water is flowing up the piece of pottery in a pleasing manner.

The Final Design Work (all optional, but GREAT ideas!)

– Place lights around the fountain so that they shine on the towers as well as the surrounding plants. I would also recommend LED lights inside the top holes of the fountain to remove some of the shadows.

– Place the 2”-6” river rocks around the base of the fountains to cover the basin.

– Move large landscaping rocks into place creating a natural structure and add more river stones.

– Add plants to the garden beds around the fountain, to make it look like it has been there forever!



We have everything you need and MORE to create the Disappearing Fountain of your dreams at The Home & Garden Center! Come see us today to get started!



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