Fixing The “Ugly”


After our brutal summer most of us have some “ugly” in our yards – browning grass, weeds in flower beds, sad looking or even dead plants. Even the best plant parents struggled to maintain their yard.


Here’s some tips to make it easier to “fix” your ugly.

1. Got weeds in your flower beds? You can choose to pull them, or… kill them with your favorite weed killer.

2. Got dead plants? First make sure they’re dead. Scratch the bark on the stems, if it’s green then the plant is still alive. Trim off any limbs that are brittle or dead, water as normal and you should begin to see new leaves sprouting soon. If it’s dead, then remove it.

3. Remove warm season annuals that are no longer pretty. Replace with Snapdragons, Petchoa, Ornamental Cabbage/Kale or wait a couple of weeks for Pansies to be ready – they will last throughout the winter months.

4. Cut back your spent perennials – if they’re brown and tired looking, put them to bed early for the winter.

5. Spread a thin layer of fresh mulch over the bed. Fresh mulch can cover up a whole lot of ugly.

6. If you lost plants, Fall is the best time for planting. Show us a picture of your bed and we can help with replacement suggestions.

Do this now so you can enjoy your yard more this Fall and get a head start for Spring!

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