Fall Veggies!!


Have you considered planting a fall veggie garden? If so, do it now.

Vegetable plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash are ready and are a perfect size to plant. Wait until the end of August to plant your leafier vegetables such as lettuce and greens.

Timing when to plant a fall garden is dependent upon when the average killing freeze date is for your area. Here’s why – you want the plants to be able to produce their crop before the freeze usually occurs. If you plant too late, then you run the risk of not harvesting prior to the freeze. If you plant too early, then your plants sometimes struggle through too much of our summer heat and don’t produce well.

But…it is also East Texas and our weather is less than predictable. Therefore, the average freeze date is only a tool to help guide you in choosing the planting time.

Not all areas can grow as many types of vegetables in the fall as we can. Take advantage of this and enjoy harvesting fresh veggies soon.

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