Fall Is For Planting Isn’t Just A Cute Tag-Line!



“Fall is for planting” isn’t just a cute tag-line. It’s true!

Follow these simple planting tips and your plants will thrive.

Trees and shrubs benefit from the extra 4-5 months of establishing roots through the winter and spring before the heat of summer arrives.

In East Texas, those extra months can make the difference between success and failure of newly planted trees and shrubs if we have an extreme summer.

Using a root starter will also help in growing a stronger root system faster. Why is that important? The root system absorbs water and nutrients from the soil for the plant – the better established a root system is, the better the plant grows.

Plant correctly –

Dig the hole wider not deeper than the root-ball. (see example below)


• Remove the dirt dug out from the bed

• Place the plant in the center of the hole and make sure the root-ball is 1-inch above your soil line. If not, add dirt to the bottom of the hole.

• Mix soil amendment with your dirt and add it around the root-ball tamping it to eliminate air pockets. DO NOT PUT SOIL ON TOP OF THE ROOT-BALL.

• Apply the root starter.

• Spread a 1-3” thick layer of mulch over the root-ball.

• Heavily hand water the newly planted plant with a water hose, do not rely on a sprinkler system for the first watering.

Watering a new plant. Consistency is important. Newly planted items require additional water than established plants – daily watering in warm, summer weather and not as often during cooler, fall/winter weather .

Several factors influence how often and how much to water:

• Temperature – high temps require more water than lower temperatures.

• Rain – seldom do you need to water when it rains.

• Sunny days – plants may require more water on a sunny day versus a cloudy day.

• Size of plant – large plants require more water than smaller plants.

• Check the moisture of the soil before watering so you don’t over or underwater the plant.

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