Droopy Plants: It Doesn’t Necessarily Mean More Water

Some plants wilt from the heat – not from the lack of water while others wilt because they are getting too much water.  The trick is being able to tell who’s thirsty, who’s being overwatered, and who’s just hot!

Check wilty looking plants before automatically reaching for the water hose. Check and determine the wetness of the soil at the root ball level. You can then water as needed.

It’s unfortunate that plants can look wilted from both over and under watering. After determining which it is then you can increase/decrease the amount of water the plant is receiving. If caught in time, once your plants begin receiving the proper amount of water they should improve.

There are some plants that just get hot in our heat and droop for that reason. Hardy hibiscus, hydrangeas, butterfly bushes and altheas are known to look droopy in the heat at the end of the day but will be perky the next morning if they are receiving enough water. A little droop is natural but if it is a full-on wilt then that is probably from lack of water.

Learning your plant’s water preferences is important and they will thank you by adding beauty to your home.

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