Dress Up Your Perennial Garden For Winter



After perennials “go to sleep” for the winter here’s some hints of how to dress up the area where they were until they “wake up”.

1. Plant ornamental cabbage/kale in the area where your perennials are. Plant them in between the perennials being careful not to disturb their roots. These will add color and height to the bed until your perennials return in the spring.

2. Plant winter pansies closely together in clumps of 3-5 in between the perennials. The clump will appear as one plant and will be showier than single pansies planted in the bed. Plant clumps using one color or a blend of complimentary colors for even more pizzazz!

3. For a more minimalist, clean look, spread a light layer of fresh mulch over the bed.

Using one of these methods or a combination of all 3 will turn a blah area you ignore in to a colorful spot to enjoy throughout winter.

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