Don’t Get Scammed With Plants Online

There are many very reputable businesses selling plants on the internet, BUT there are just as many that are not. It makes us so mad when we see plants that don’t exist advertised as real plants on social media sites and the internet.  These scammers are charging high prices for seeds, cuttings or plants of something that is a fake.  (Rainbow roses, blue coleus, etc)   

Fake Plants

Unlike a brick and mortar store, you can’t see and feel the plant over the internet since pictures can be “doctored” or taken of another plant than the item being bought.  So, unfortunately it comes down to Buyer Beware.   

Do some investigation on the plant.  Be aware that reviews can be written by the seller which continues to give you false information.  Go to several sights and you will be able to determine if the plant is real or not.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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