Don’t Forget To Water!


It’s that time of year again when the temperature reaches 80 or above each day.  We begin to receive calls asking why plants are looking different (brown leaves, wilty, etc.). 

We’ve been coasting through the spring with cool temperatures and our plants don’t require much watering and then BAM! the thermometer rises, and our plants get thirsty.  It’s easy to forget this but our plants remind us by looking wilty and sad along with their green leaves turning brown.

So check your plants, lawn and containers to make sure they are receiving enough water. You may need to increase the run time on your sprinkler system or drip irrigation or water containers and flower beds by hand / hose more often to adequately water your plants – especially any newly planted ones.

Do this again when we transition to the 90s and (shudder) into triple digits.

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