Who can resist the bright colored flowers of Cyclamen? Their blooms seem to be standing at attention above it’s foliage.  This “perky” plant comes in white, red, pinks and violets.

Grown both indoors and out, they prefer cooler temps, not much direct sunlight and don’t like to be overwatered.  If outside, plant them in containers that can be moved into a protected area when frost is expected.  Indoors, they like plenty of natural light but in a cooler spot.

Let the soil dry out between waterings, water well and let it drain.  Pour off any water left in the saucer so it doesn’t sit in water.  Make sure the container has good drainage.  Droopy flowers signals overwatering.

You can deadhead the flowers which will extend the flowering of your plant.  Remove the entire flower stem at the soil level for best results.  Feed your plant every 3-4 weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer (Schultz or Miracle-Gro).  Don’t overfeed since this will produce more foliage, not flowers.

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