“Colder winters mean fewer bugs in spring, right!?” Not Exactly.

I’ve always heard that a cold winter results in fewer bugs the next year.  Being curious I did some research and found that wasn’t actually the case…UGH.  Some bugs are beneficial, and I guess all of them have their place in the ecosystem, but there are some I could do without!

Some bugs life cycle is seasonal and they do die each year as it cools off, but prior to their departure they lay multiple eggs that hatch out once it warms up.  Others burrow deeper into the warmer part of the soil and wait it out, emerging in the spring.  Then there are those that just hide out (roaches) in warm spots waiting for warmer weather.  The cool bugs create their own antifreeze that protects their bodies from freezing temps while they are in a state of hibernation.

I did find out that what can decrease the bug population is for cold temps to extend longer into spring.  This will interrupt the insects hatching cycle which will result in fewer bugs.

Another deterrent is very dry conditions.  Many insects live in the soil and depend on moisture in the soil to survive.  Drought will reduce moisture along with plant material for the bugs to eat.

Like many things in life what you hear isn’t always so, it pays to do your research and find out the facts.

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