Cold Weather Planting


“Can I plant this time of year? The cold weather won’t kill it?”

This is an often asked question and the answer is YES this is the best time of year to plant trees and shrubs and here’s why.

To simplify things lets look at trees and shrubs as having 2 parts – the part above ground (leaves, branches, flowers) and the part below ground (roots). The plant must gather enough water and food to support both of these parts in the growing season – spring and summer.

In the fall and winter, the parts above ground become dormant (hibernating like bears) and the plant is able to focus all its energy on the part below ground. This allows the root system to spread out and become stronger so that when the heat of summer arrives it can gather enough water and food to better feed the plant.

The soil in our area does not freeze like it does in more northern areas, so fortunately, we can plant all winter long. We receive slow, soaking rains during these cooler months that normally provide your plants with enough water too.

Planting now is more pleasant too. It still requires the same amount of work but seems easier when you aren’t sweating in the heat.

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