Chinch Bugs


After the hot, dry weather we have experienced watch for chinch bugs in your lawn – mainly in St. Augustine grass. They like sunny lawns and can cause extensive damage quickly. Look for large patches of irregular, yellowish or stunted, wilted looking grass.

Is it chinch bugs? Cut both ends out of a vegetable can and push it into the soil next to the dead patch and fill it with water. If you have chinch bugs they will float to the top.

The bugs are about 1/8 inch long, black with white forewings. You can also see them on the grass blades at the edge of the bad areas. They not only suck sap from the grass blade but also inject poison into the blade that causes it to wither and die.

Water your lawn thoroughly prior to applying an insecticide – this brings the chinch bugs closer to the surface which improves the effectiveness of the insecticide.

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