Azomite: Organic and Sustainable

Azomite Sample

We all fertilize our plants and see the results of our efforts pay off.  The fertilizer is applied to our soil and the plant, grass or tree absorb it through their roots.  Most fertilizers deliver the big 3 NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) to our plants, but little or no trace minerals.

Our soil naturally has trace minerals in it but is depleted by the demands of our plants and constant irrigation.  It needs to be re-mineralized.  Adding compost works but takes several months to break down in the soil.  There is a natural product that almost immediately adds minerals back to the soil – Azomite.

Azomite is a natural product mined in Central Utah formed by a volcanic eruption 30 million years ago.  Crop producers have used Azomite for over 70 years to improve plant growth.  It contains over 70 minerals, is 100% natural and is listed for use in certified organic production by the OMRI.

Azomite Bag

Benefits from Azomite use are more, bigger and better-tasting fruits and vegetables, increasing pest / disease resistance, drought resistance, and improved lawn performance.

It’s easy to apply – spread it like fertilizer on your lawn, you can toss it by hand onto flower beds or mix it into the soil around flowers, vegetables, landscape plants, and more.  It can be used alone or mixed with fertilizer.  It won’t burn your plants – even if you use too much, and it’s odorless.

Using Azomite will decrease the amount of fertilizer you will apply during the year to your lawn and plants.  Apply Azomite now to immediately re-mineralize your soil so your plants can begin to absorb those micronutrients they’ve been missing.  It is available in an easy to apply granular form in 10 lb and 40 lb bags.

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